Tokenomics & IDO

At the center of the Fearless Bulls Club is the Club’s native token, $BLSH, which is a utility token designed to incetivize and reward users to become more active members of the community.

What is $BLSH?

The vision for the Fearless Bulls Club is to create a self serving ecosystem powered by ambition, creativity and unity. The $BLSH token is the Club’s currency and can be used to pay for both physical and virtual products within our Club ecosystem.

$BLSH will integrate with ecommerce. The Club’s new label, FBC, will accept the tokens as payment and special rewards are available when the $BLSH token is used. Community members will also be incentivized to promote the Club’s brands and will receive tokens as rewards; much like an affiliate programme. As FBC collaborates with new brands the utility of the $BLSH token will further increase.

The tokens can also be used for upgrading Fearless Bulls Club NFTs and to pay for future NFT releases.

$BLSH will also be the mechanism in which the Bullish Growth Fund pays out rewards to its holders. When NFTs are staked 50% of the profits of the the fund will be paid out in $BLSH tokens.


  1. E-commerce $BLSH will be used to purchase from goods from the Fearless Bulls Club Website with preferential pricing, and to purchase items from partner E-commerce brands.
  2. $BLSH-only mints Part of the roadmap for ongoing development of Fearless Bulls Club is a series of Bullish Mints only available to $BLSH holders. 10% percent of $BLSH from all Bullish mints will be burned to reduce the supply.
  3. Auctions There will be several auctions over the life-span of FBC & 10% of the proceeds will be used to buy-back $BLSH and burn it. In the FBC Icons collection. 1/1 FBC icon NFTs will be auctioned.
  4. Upgrading your NFT’s with $BLSH Using special combinations, holders will be able to combine 2 x Fearless Bulls NFTs with a designated amount of $BLSH to receive one of the limited supply upgraded, legendary FBC NFT’s.


$BLSH has been allocated to a number of areas, each with a unique vesting schedule.

  • 5% to $vBLSH pre-IDO steakers — 25,000,000
  • 50% to NFT steakers — 250,000,000
  • 10% Public Sale — 50,000,000
  • 10% Private Investors — 50,000,000
  • 20% Team & Advisors — 100,000,000
  • 5% Strategic Reserve Merchants & Affiliates, Mergers & acquisitions 25,000,000

TOTAL $BLSH SUPPLY 500,000,000



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