Welcome to the Fearless Bulls Club. The Fearless Bulls have one purpose; to create a self serving ecosystem powered by ambition, creativity and unity.

We stand as one against the corrupt and centralized banking system as a new force with new ideas, strategies and execution. We will charge at them like fearless bulls.

We are a consortium of entrepreneurs, developers, investors and artists who are leaders within the Solana NFT community. We have come together to form a team that will help build the most forward-thinking and bullish fund on the Solana network.

The story began on Wall Street but it ends on Solana. Thank you for being part of the journey.

The Fearless Bulls Club consists of 2 core pillars:

  1. Brand & Community
  2. The Bullish Growth Fund

These pillars will work together to drive value for token holders.


Brand & Community:

We will build the FBC brand and community by investing into marketing, and bringing key influencers and celebrities into the project.

Fearless Bulls Club NFT’s will act as your access token to the FBC community DAO, earning a share of the profits from the Bullish Growth Fund.


The Bullish Growth Fund (BGF):

We are fearless entrepreneurs and will form the Bullish Growth Fund with 70% of the mint proceeds. These funds will sit in the BGF community DAO wallet and will act as the starting capital to launch and grow the FBC brand and fund BGF business ventures.

Revenue Channels:

Fund value will be created via DAO Bluechip NFT Fund & derivatives ventures

We are a team of experts that span Web3. We will use our network and experience to deliver exponential growth for the Fund.
Please read our Litepaper for more details on how we will do this.

$BLSH Bullish Tokens:

After the minting period, we will setup up a staking platform so that Fearless Bulls NFT’s can be staked to earn $BLSH Bullish tokens.

All profits generated by secondary market places and our business ventures will be automatically split with 80% going to Bullish Growth Fund wallet and 20% to the founding team.


Phase 1:

  • WL Mint
  • Public Mint
  • Secondary Market Listing
  • DAO Discussion

Phase 2

  • FBC DAO Launch
  • DAO Voting launch
  • $BLSH Bullish Token creation
  • Fund deployment to Blue Chip NFTs and Interest Yielding Protocols
  • Staking platform

Phase 3

  • PFP Airdrop
  • New NFT Collection Auction
  • 2022 Fearless Bulls Growth Fund Performance Review
  • 2023 DAO Discussion

Feeling Bullish?



Fearless Bulls Club is a self serving ecosystem powered by ambition, creativity and unity. Bullish Growth Fund, NFT Staking, $BLSH Token, Ecommerce & more.

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