This paper is designed to outline the basic vision and strategy of the Fearless Bulls Club.

Why Do We Exist?

There are many projects that exist within the Solana network to help and build the ecosystem. These projects often bring little to no value from the outside world and rely on a growing Solana community without directly contributing to that growth. We will build within the Solana network too, but our unique proposition is to bring value into the system from the outside, from the “real world” at an accelerated rate.

The Raise

Total Supply = 10,000 NFTs

Mint Price = 1.5 SOL

Total Mint Fund = 15,000 SOL

5% will go to Unicris, the Artist.

25% will cover pre-launch costs and the team.

70% will go to the Community DAO Fund — The Bullish Growth Fund.

So what’s the Community DAO Fund?

We are calling this the Bullish Growth Fund. Because thats exactly what it is.

We will use this Fund to provide liquidity for $BLSH tokens and pay for expenses.

Revenue Channel:

A DAO & Derivative Investment Portfolio

A key contingent to The Bullish Growth Fund will be our acquisition and trading of other NFTs and early stage token drops via IDO’s.

Ok, so this isn’t unique, we know that. But we truly believe we have the strongest connections, knowledge, access to tools, Alpha groups, and track record to outperform other DAOs doing this. And at the end of the day we don’t want unused SOL to sit in the community wallet; let’s put it to work.
Part of the motivation behind building such a fund is to capitalise on the countless opportunities that exist in the Solana NFT market; the ones that can end up passing by some individuals individuals due to lack of liquidity. We don’t want to miss out on the opportunity for high ROI NFT acquisitions and sales due to lack of liquidity, and we don’t think our holders should either.

Each FBC NFT acts as a stake in what will become a well thought out and carefully designed Blue Chip NFT index fund. In building such a collection we are continuing to support the Solana NFT eco-system, whilst adding value for holders. Something which is a core priority in every decision we make.

Why Us?

We’ve built an unrivalled network of advisors within the Solana ecosystem, as well as “real world” hedge fund managers from the big banks; yes some of the household names you are all too familiar with… These guys give us special advice, tips and access to often inaccessible opportunities, such as IDO access.

Lead by The Bulls Board and guided by hand-picked strategic advisors, The Bluechip DAO fund will mint and acquire undervalued NFTs and Tokens within agreed investment parameters. The DAO will vote on the strategy and all acquisition decisions that make up over 5% of the Bullish Growth Fund market cap. This gives our team the flexibility to move fast to seize opportunities but also ensures that we are always acting with decentralisation at the forefront of the DAO for the big decisions.

Whats the investment strategy?

The Club will also acquire whole NFT projects and equity to help them implement better marketing, better development and e-commerce, leveraging their networks, the team, the community, and the capital — to find good projects and make them great.

The DAO’s elected and hand picked Investor Committee will vote on the strategy and all acquisition decisions that make up over 5% of the Bullish Growth Fund market cap. This gives our team the flexibility to move fast to seize opportunities but also ensures that we are always acting with decentralisation at the forefront of the DAO for the big decisions.

How Will Our Community Be Rewarded?

Besides the obvious increase in value of our community’s NFTs, thanks to the aforementioned awareness activities, we will create a staking platform so that Fearless Bull NFTs can be staked to earn $BLSH Bullish Tokens from the Bullish Growth Fund. The DAO will also have access to a dashboard where they can see all view all key metrics and investments — a one stop shop to view our value creation and activities.

80% of net Bullish Growth Fund profit will be retained in the DAO wallet. Profits will be distributed quarterly to a stake pool and released on a gradual basis over the following quarter.

And of course in the roadmap we also have a PFP airdrop and other exciting revenue generating projects planned and mapped out that we will reveal in more detail in due course.

The overall vision is to create a sustainable high-growth fund, with multiple income streams, that brings value into Solana from the outside whilst rewarding our community in the process.

Who’s on the team?

We have a highly experienced team.


DJ Trix brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and network to the Fearless Bulls Club. **Degenerate Ape Academy Graduate, DJ Trix has been actively trading cryptocurrency for many years; as club, festival & tour DJ performs alongside some of the biggest names in UK & US Hip Hop, along with being founder of the UK’s first Growth Hacking Agency, which builds high performance E-commerce & social media campaigns for brands worldwide.

NFT Bricklayer

NFT Bricklayer is rock solid Solana dev with outstanding track record working on OG SOL NFT’s such as SOL Bricks, and innovative projects with technical development needs such as Zillaz. With a deep knowledge of the Solana ecosystem and strong technical Skills, having Bricklayer on the team is 100% Bullish.


Transparency and fairness are important to Fearless Bulls, which is why we’re highlighting that artist receives compensation which is both fair and equitable. 5% of mint funds are allocated for Fearless Bulls Club resident Lead Artist and Creative Director, Unicris.

Unicris is respected in the Solana ecosystem, having created the artwork for The Waifu Gaming DAO and now infamous Shadowy Super Coder project.

This original & iconic Fearless Bulls Club Solana NFT ‘anti-derivative’ collection presents a fearless girl standing firm against a charging bull. Inspired by Wall Street’s “Fearless Girl” statue our artwork represents Fearless Bulls Club’s ethos of standing firm against a corrupt and and centralized system, with over 100 unique traits, and over 2 Billion possible combinations.

Feeling Bullish?



Fearless Bulls Club is a self serving ecosystem powered by ambition, creativity and unity. Bullish Growth Fund, NFT Staking, $BLSH Token, Ecommerce & more.

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