We have had some great questions form the community since releasing more details about The Fearless Bulls Club. This blog post will be updated on an ongoing basis to help clarify anything that’s unclear. We’ve also updated our Litepaper to give some more detail where it’s apparent that some was lacking, so take a look at that too.

Bluechip Fund questions:

  1. Will the DAO vote on how the funds are invested?

Any decision that involves 5% or more of the Bullish Growth Fund’s wallet must be approved to the DAO. This gives our team the flexibility to move fast on opportunities but also safeguards the overall strategy of the fund.

2. What are the targeted projects and why?

We’re not going to talk about the targeted projects specifically at this stage. What we can say is that we very much like the idea of making aggressive early plays at solids mints, and looking to acquire small but profitable projects that can benefit from better marketing and a bigger community.

3. How will the revenue be shared?

Those managing the fund will receive 20% of the profits of the fund on a monthly basis as a management fee. This will ensure that they are fully motivated to maximise profits for the DAO. The remainder will stay in the fund and cover other expenses including marketing.

4. Who will manage the blue chip / derivative portfolio?

We have a strong team of advisors and more will be revealed about them. In terms of day to day running, we will have dedicated fund manager focused on NFT’s and a voted-in team to support finding the best investments.

5. How will the relationship between the DAO and the Board work?

Much like its not practical for business to pass every decision to its shareholders the Fearless Bulls Club Board will have autonomy to make small decisions without approval so that we can seize opportunities and move fast. We will however put any decision that involves 5% or more of the Bullish Growth Fund’s wallet to the DAO for a vote. This includes approval of capital that we loan to ecommerce brands, investments we make, people we hire etc.

General Questions:

  1. Will there be any planned floor sweeps after mint?

Not going to say too much about this but, we are in communication with have separate investors and funds at who have signified to invest and support the project after mint.

2. What secondary markets will we be listed on?

Magic Eden, Solanart, FTX, Alpha Art & Opensea when the time comes.

3. When date will the mint be?

Sunday 30th January 2022

4. What time will the mint be?

To be confirmed.

5. How many can i mint?

Bullish Mint tokens (FBCMNT) will be dropped to Whitelisted wallet addresses. 5 tokens for Whitelist + 5 Tokens for OG. Whitelist will be capped at 7500 mints to leave allocation for a public mint.

6. Is the price the same for everyone?




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